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NAAS provides our customers with quality products, outstanding customer service, industry leading technology and unbeatable support, all at competitive pricing.

That is our guarantee to you.

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National’s unique approach to handling claims involves the utilization of our Dispatch Center. At National, there is one number to call for all claims needs.  That number goes directly to our Home Office and Dispatch Center.  Our years of research have proven that the proper way to service claims is through the use of a well trained office staff capable of handling the claims from assignment to close.  Our trained personnel make all initial contact with owners and repair facilities, dispatch the assignments to the appraisers, and report all updates and important information directly to our clients. Our dispatchers also track the claims from the date of the inspection to close and make sure all paperwork is received in a timely manner.  In this way, we are able to control the claims so when our customers call, they receive real time status reports on claims.  Each claim is called daily and status reports are sent to adjusters on each update.  A well-trained, courteous dispatcher will make contact with all involved parties and assist them in setting an appointment and answer any questions they may have.  We represent our customers in a professional and objective manner.  In this way, we will provide a level of service that is unrivaled by our competitors who continue to perpetuate the industry standard by sending assignments to an “on the road” appraiser to schedule the appointment and then assume responsibility for answering all questions when, and if, that appraiser can be reached.  We have found that this approach simply does not work.  It removes the responsibility of handling your claim from the service and places it on the individual. We believe our one stop approach to doing business is the better way.

National’s thirty five years of service to the insurance industry is unprecedented for an independently owned company. A key component to our longetivity is that we are not content with resting on current accomplishments.  We are always looking to the future. This industry is constantly changing and in order to maintain our leading edge we must adapt and change with it. That is why, over the last 5 years, National has made great strides in positioning our firm at the forefront of the technology surge.  We have incorporated ALL the major electronic estimation transportation systems including, but not limited to, Process Claims, Scene Access, E-Auto, Autoverse, E-Mitchell, and Ion Connection. Our dispatch center representatives, equipped with dedicated, twin, full T1 data access lines and complete wireless technology, are trained proficiently in the use of each one of these systems.  When a new program becomes available, we don’t train our appraisers to use it, we train our dispatchers.  In this way we maintain complete control over data transmitted to ensure the product is accurate before it is sent.  National’s database management system was designed exclusively for our office and with our organizational needs and goals in mind. It is programmed for our requirements and conforms to the guidelines and parameters we set.  Reports can be generated based on requests made by our clients for management information from our system.  In the future, we anticipate full integration with web-based products allowing our customers access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Information exchange will be two ways.  Our clients will be able to access information pertaining to claims and also update existing files with new information.  In the future, we will continue to take full advantage of the technological advances made in the exchange of data and provide our customers with results faster, and more accurately than ever before. 


Gregory J. Lombardo : President/CEO


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